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Becoming a part of Life

We provide care to children and youth suffering from cancer and other incurable and generative illnesses.

The Lublin Hospice for Children, named after the Little Prince, has been providing free perinatal, inpatient, and home care since 1997. We also support families after the loss of a child. As part of our perinatal hospice care, we assist families affected by severe childhood illnesses. So far, we have had several dozen children whose parents allowed them to come into the world.

We offer full care for children with incurable diseases who temporarily or permanently cannot receive medical treatment at home. The Home Hospice Care allows the child to stay in their own home while maintaining high standards of medical, psychological, pedagogical, social, and spiritual care. When the time comes for farewell and the end of suffering for the sick child, those who remain must cope with a sense of loss, longing, and loneliness. Supporting the family through the various stages of grief is one of our tasks.

The Little Prince House is a modern complex without architectural barriers. It has been in operation since January 2009, serving both children and adult patients.

Perinatal hospice

As part of hospice perinatal care,
we help families affected by
severe illnesses of children.
So far, we have had a dozen or so children,
whose parents let their children be born.

Stationary hospice

We provide full care for children
suffering from incurable diseases,
who cannot be cared for and treated
at home temporarily or permanently.

Home hospice

Hospice care enables
the child to stay in its own
home while maintaining high
standards of medical, psychological,
pedagogical, social and spiritual care.

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