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Perinatal Hospice

To Save Life

The joy of knowing that there is a new life under the mother’s heart may be mixed with fears
indicated by the research pointing to a possible fetal defect.

The idea of ​​abortion is often raised because parents feel helpless and fear that they may not be able to cope, and that their child may suffer after birth. There is also another thought ‘ not to exterminate life’. Added to this, there is also a religious reason which indicates that only God Himself can take the life away and we have no right to do so.

As part of perinatal hospice care, we have been helping families affected by severe children’s illnesses for many years. So far, over 70 couples, who were in a similar situation, allowed their children to be born and received our help.

All care is FREE
upon referral.
Ask your gynecologist, geneticist or cardiologist
for a REFERRAL to a perinatal hospice
(download forms at the bottom of the page).

Call or write:


Katarzyna +48 531 506 681

Joanna +48 695 821 197

Fr Filip +48 607 330 482

Karolina +48 509 733 164

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List of diseases

List of incurable, progressive, life-limiting neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases, in which guaranteed benefits are provided in the scope of palliative and hospice care.

Medical care

  • Support throughout the pregnancy by a specialist 3rd degree referral centre
  • access to free medical consultations and other specialists
  • regular meetings with the doctors of the Perinatal Hospice
  • childbirth in accordance with the standards of the "Pro Life" Act
  • further medical care in a stationary or home hospice

Social care

  • material and social assistance, including paying for examinations and medical consultations
  • material and financial support

Psychological and therapeutic care

Possibility of having a conversation with parents in a similar situation

Pastoral care on request

Dear parent,

awaiting the birth of a child, if you have learned from your gynecologist, cardiologist or geneticist that your child’s life is in danger, ask your doctor for a referral to the Perinatal Hospice – you will find help here.

The letter you see is a request from a child to its mother. It was edited by mothers whose children were under our care.

We provide
assistance immediately
after being notified.

Hospice Perinatal Care: A Guide for Parents and Medical Teams

From our publication, you will learn, among others:

  • The management of pregnancy by a specialized level 3 referral center
  • Access to free medical consultations and other specialists
  • Regular meetings with Perinatal Hospice doctors
  • Childbirth according to the standards of the “For Life” Act
  • Further medical care at a stationary or home hospice

None, of the more than 100 couples who
were in a similar situation to yours, regretted using
our help.

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Perinatal hospice

As part of hospice perinatal care,
we help families affected by
severe illnesses of children.
So far, we have had a dozen or so children,
whose parents let their children be born.

Stationary hospice

We provide full care for children
suffering from incurable diseases,
who cannot be cared for and treated
at home temporarily or permanently.

Home hospice

Hospice care enables
the child to stay in its own
home while maintaining high
standards of medical, psychological,
pedagogical, social and spiritual care.