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01 december 2023

Arguing with God

About supporting, helping to cross to the other side and private miracles.

If he hadn’t received a book from his girlfriend, he wouldn’t have become a Franciscan father today. As he has said, his calling is one of the many surprises that were set out for him by God. Father Filip Buczynski OFM has been on his mission for over 30 years. During that period he has served terminally ill children and their families exceptionally. At the Little Prince Hospice in Lublin, he supports them in their fight and he is there for them when they pass away. As an experienced therapist and psycho-oncologist, he supports these young patients and helps the families in mourning.

In an honest and moving conversation with Tomasz P. Terlikowski, he talks about his fascination with St. Francis, operating the perinatal hospice, the fight for each life, and the sense of suffering in an emotional way. The Franciscan father proves to the readers that everybody can be a tool of God’s Mercy and testifies to all varieties of miracles the reader should be made aware.

The proceeds raised from the sale of the book are earmarked for the Little Prince Hospice in Lublin


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The book describes Father Philip’s mission for helping those in society who are less fortunate.  But, his passion for helping children comes through.  There were hospices around, but when it came to exclusively serving children, there were none.  Father Filip saw a void and a need and over many years through ups and downs and his love for his neighbor, the “Little Prince” Pediatric Hospice came to be.  Yes, the concentration is on the patient, but they serve the family.  The idea is to make that child as comfortable for as long as possible. The book also describes how Father Filip has helped with serving the needs in Ukraine and is still reaching out to different cities there.

His commitment and the love he projects to the families come through in every facet of the “Little Prince” Hospice.  This book opened up a whole new world to me, and it just may do the same for you.

                                David Egleston


Fr. Filip seems like a pretty amazing guy…authentically giving himself for the good of others.  He certainly has a story to tell!  I appreciated his balanced perspective on life and his compassion for children and their families who are suffering. What an amazing hospice program he’s built up… and serving Ukrainians displaced by war, now, too. May God bless his work!

                           Kristi Quinlan


What a moving read about a man with a true passion for working with and serving terminal ill children and their families. Not only their living journey but the continued journey family members must travel with the lost of a love one.

It touched my heart to hear of the small and large miracles of Gods work being done my a man who’s life was changed by his girlfriend. We never know when we plant a seed in another person that changes the distention of a life.  The road we each walk is inspired by another. May we all be changed by the life example of FR. Filip Buczynski. A must read for everyone!                  

                         Rod Ferry

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